PSD 42

  • I made this psd especially for this photoshoot of Selena’s but I also tried the psd on different pictures and it works!
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PSD 41
  • This psd is very yellow, you might have to adjust the selective colors

PSD 40

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  • enjoy
Anonymous: "a psd for pictures of holland roden please?"


PSD 39

  • a vibrant psd made for candids and photoshoot pictures of Holland Roden
  • adjust the brightness if too bright or dark
  • requested by anon
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PSD 38

  • contains vibrance
  • I made this especially for candids/photoshoots of the Teen Wolf cast, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work on all photos if you adjust some of the layers
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  • and lastly enjoy

PSD 37 (✿◠‿◠)

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  • ENJOY!

PSD 36

  • This psd really brings out the color pink, there’s also a black and white psd.
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  • ENJOY!